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Making Holiday Traveling Easier

The holidays are the busiest time for traveling, and it can end up being a stressful ordeal if things don’t go smoothly. Crowds, bad weather, and short tempers all contribute to holiday travel problems. To minimize your travel stress, plan ahead with these tips.

1. Try to book non-stop flights. The fewer connections you have to make, the better, as bad weather can cause delays at every stop.

2. Call before heading to the airport. You can minimize delays at a crowded airport by knowing the weather and travel conditions ahead of time. Also take into consideration that, while the weather may be fine where you are, your destination may be experiencing delays. 

3. Don’t try to park at the airport. Get a ride or take public transportation or a shuttle. You will cut off a considerable amount of time by not having to cruise around waiting for an open space.

4. Always arrive early. This seems self-explanatory, but it bears repeating. Especially with heightened security, arriving early will minimize the stress you experience from rushing to your gate after waiting in a long check-in line.

5. Keep your presents unwrapped. You will not be delayed by extra security checks if your bags are subject to a search. Or better yet, send your gifts ahead of time by mail to avoid carrying them at all. 

6. If you are traveling by car, be sure to be aware of weather conditions along your route. Try to drive only during daylight hours and give yourself plenty of time to arrive. Keep emergency supplies in your trunk and try to avoid driving on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, to avoid of drunk drivers on the road.

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